every ouat episodes - 101 pilot

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Limited Edition Harry Potter Artwork by Kazu Kibuishi

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Anonymous asked: What did Natalie Dormer do???


Something really amazing. Okay i’m gonna try to be calm about that.

So at the beginning of April I sent Natalie a letter asking for an autograph and just thanked for everything she did to me, you know she helped me through a lot of stuff like not on purpose but at this time she was basically the light of my life so to speak, and I told her that she did a great job by portraying all these different characters and so on, like a normal letter from a fan in my opinion. But probably not in hers.
And today I got this envelope. I didn’t really expect that she would answer but she did. Not only got I two autographs no I also got a letter, a freaking 5 pages long letter in her beautiful handwriting. 
She told me that she never did that before, answering a fan and she was just so sweet???? And she called me sweetheart. I’m Natalie Dormer’s sweetheart ahhhh what is happening.
So that’s something she wrote:


So yeah, that’s the reason why Natalie Dormer is a perfect human being and if you don’t agree you’re wrong. Sorry not sorry.

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whoever created chinese food is my hero

probably the chinese


and it is the most important line ever spoken in the history of our series

if you don’t reblog this i am judging you

this is the very essence of our fandom

it is our origins

so reblog now 
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I thought I’d find you here.
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"I am going to die, Pam. You have to accept that."

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